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Special Leaf was founded in September of 2018, but the journey took many more years prior to that. The eureka moment was sparked during Chef Chris Cook’s time running the culinary programming at a Texas olive orchard.

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Special Leaf teas are a great replacement for traditional iced tea, although it doesn’t really taste like anything I’ve experienced before – it’s very green tea-esque with light herbaceous notes and leaves you feeling soulfully better.
Chris Cook

Owner & Chief Tea Brewer

About Special Leaf

He was so inspired by the flavor and health benefits of the olive leaf tea that he immediately knew it was something special that needed to be shared with the world!

A chef of over 20 years with a passion for local, craft-made, artisan products, Chef Chris Cook devoted two years to developing the concept. With much gratitude, he was finally able to bring his beautiful idea to fruition and introduce the first-ever bottled olive leaf tea to tea lovers.

As our Chief Tea Brewer continues to explore the myriad ways olive leaves can be incorporated into your diet and lifestyle, we hope you enjoy these special teas as much as we do!

Sharing the Leaf Love

Chef Chris Cook is the Vice President and one of the key founders of the San Antonio-based Chef Cooperatives, a national nonprofit organization comprised of chefs who fervently support the farm-to-table movement. They host some of the most popular food-centric events in order to raise funds for local, independent farms and ranches. Chef Cooperatives, and indeed Chef Cook, have also provided integral support to communities in times of need, during natural disasters and the like. With Special Leaf, we wish to continue to support our local and perhaps even national community with our philanthropic efforts. Bi-annually, we choose a nonprofit which is aligned with our mission to promote health and wellness, to gift with a portion of our profits. We are always looking for suggestions, so definitely let us know if you have any recommendations!

More about Chef Chris Cook

Owner & Chief Tea Brewer

The passion and pride Chef Chris Cook exhibits in his professional career makes him a formidable presence. Having been a San Antonio resident for over a decade, Chef Cook is inspired by the cultural influences and local ingredients of the city to create products and dishes that make him one of the most talented culinary leaders, and an instrumental part of the community.

When he’s not in the kitchen, Chef Cook is constantly developing various new food and beverage projects and collaborating with other chefs and artisan food creators. Working as an entrepreneur, consultant and independent chef has allowed him to balance his roles as a chef, leader, husband and proud father.

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